Organizational Structure

Affirmative Investments, Inc. is the primary entity for the work that we do as an organization. It conducts the development and financial consulting with all of our clients. However, to support this work, we also maintain a set of subsidiary and affiliated organizations, the structure of which is detailed below. 

Affirmative Investments 2


Each of these subsidiaries and affiliated organizations serve specific and important roles:

  • AI Securites serves as the broker dealer when we raise capital for our clients.
  • Community Investments acts as the monitoring wing of Affirmative Investments.
  • 4003 Penn Ave was set up to do deals in the state of Pennsylvania, where we have done a significant amount of work.
  • Affirmative LLC is a guarantee corporation which serves as a guarantor for Affirmative Investment deals.
  • Affirmative Nevada was set up to do deals in the State of Nevada.
  • AI Wainwright is Affirmative Investments' community development entity (CDE) which invests New Markets Tax Credits in high impact projects that create jobs and spur economic development.