Charter Schools


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Total Development Cost: $16.8 million

Financial Closing: November 2015

Opened: September 2016 

Alma del Mar is a Massachusetts charter school located in New Bedford since 2011. Its mission is to send all of its scholars to college without exception. Despite having a student body that is 79% low-income Alma del Mar maintains high expectations and provides support for students and families in order to set each scholar on the path to college. Its highly successful program has created strong pressures to grow and it is seeking to increase its enrollment from 240 currently to 450 by 2020. To accommodate this growth, it is planning on acquiring its leased site from the City of New Bedford, demolishing the existing building, and constructing a 39,000 SF school building.


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Total Development Cost: $12.1 million

Opened: September 2015

Codman Academy Charter Public School (CACPS) is a public charter currently serving 190 students in grades K1, K2 and 9-12 in Dorchester. CACPS is regarded as one of the best charter schools in Boston and has been molding successful high school students since 2001.The Massachusetts-based academy needed to locate more space to increase its enrollment from 190 to 345. They acquired the Lithgow Building at 367 Talbot Ave in Dorchester, MA and renovated the 25,400 SF site in order to add grades 1-8 to the shcool, allowing students from K-12 to benefit from the successful programs in place.


Excel EBoston Exterior3 

Total Development Cost: $8.5 million

Opened: Fall 2013

Excel Academy-East Boston, Excel Academy's first charter school was founded in 2003 to serve a population of primarily first generation immigrant students. This development rehabilitated a former school and added space to make the new home for this Excel charter school site. As a regional, public charter school, Excel Academy-East Boston educates more than 200 diverse 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students representing over 23 nationalities, holding its students, families and staff to high expectations both academically and behaviorally.